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Why Learn Biomechanics and Massage?

It’s important to know Biomechanics and Massage, because if you cannot see the problem in the way the horse is moving, being ridden, etc., then you cannot help them to ReBuildIf you cannot see a braced neck, cannot see a horse with a saddle issue, or a rider that is hanging in the horses mouth causing problems-then as soon as that horse is massaged, and all the soreness is gone-and they go right back to the same ‘ole same ‘ole…then the problems will come right back.  So learning how to work with them, with Under Saddle Balancing™ is crucial!

No other School teaches Biomechanics, Eyeballing, Correct Riding, Building a Topline except for Midwest Natural Healing for Animals.

Beverly realized this years ago, after working in the field for many years, she saw what a poor rider caused on a horse.. overnight!-and knew that would have to be addressed while working on horses as well. The continual, consistent work on many horses, helped her to realize that many different problems CAUSE the soreness in horses, and those had to be taken care of before she could continue the work on the horse.  Having a Dressage background and 8yrs of Dressage training, plus 6yrs of learning Biomechanics,  has given her this insight to know HOW a horse should be moving correctly-and with the Dressage training, how to get it there!

Pics below…you can see the before picture how the horse was going so poorly, and now much happier, willing horse! This is what Sarah MacFarlane was able to do with her horse Turbo!  Would you know how to turn this horse around like she did??


sarah and turbo riding only

Having conversations with other Massage Therapists, especially on Facebook, some needing help with their own horses-not realizing that they are the cause of the pain. They can tell you what muscle is sore-but cannot tell you why…even though they know the horse is throwing his head, or not coming up from behind-using martingales, tie downs, etc…They need to learn CORRECT RIDING along with being a MASSAGE THERAPIST!

So are you looking for a great CESMT for your horse? Choose a well rounded, well trained CESMT that can look at everything that might causing your horse to be sore-and help to ReBuild that horse for you!

Looking to be a CESMT?? Come to the ONLY SCHOOL that teaches it all!!


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