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The Amassage Method™ for Rehab Strategies

NATURAL EQUINE Indiana Equine Sports Massage located in Indiana, just a few hours from NE Indiana, Central Indiana, SW Indiana, parts of OHio and KY!

Using The Amassage Method™ We offer Complete Body Balancing for the Equine and Canine developed right here on my farm!

We must be Detectives to find what caused the problem in the first place-is it a bad saddle fit, or just where the saddle is placed? Is this an injury, or something the horse is causing himself?  Is it a rider problem?

Then we need to help Rebuild, Rebalance and Reconnect that horse (especially from EPM), and sometimes even a MEMORY RELEASE™ for COLD BACKED HORSES. (taught in Level 3)

If your horse is in need of any of these therapies, my one month cost is just $750mo

bubba poster1julie posterJulie (above) was a long term rehab, coming back from EPM and having to get rid of pain, bad memory, and rebuild not only physically but emotionally as well. You can see how much better she is doing

Below-Pretty Girl-hit by a car, and only the owner and I believed she could be saved…called in my vet and he agreed to try and help-he was amazed when he came out to do the last adjustment (#3) and she looked as good as she did.

peg poster with logo and may 1 2013 after pic

chris before after annie

Strider had to have groundwork to build the left hind after years of now using it. The owner did alot of the groundwork herself while I did massages on him.


If your horse is in need of a chiropractic adjustment, I have 2 great Veterinarians that I use at additional cost.
I have not taken in a horse that I could not ReBuild-if you have a horse that needs this type of rehab please contact me.


jens epm horse poster

There actually wasn’t a whole lot wrong with this horse that groceries, good farrier work, and correct riding/groundwork couldn’t fix!  Yet the owner was going to put her down.

meredith sway back side shot before after poster

carol h before after poster with logo

Much improvement in Sugar Bear!

sarahs sugar bear before and after


jen natasha rehab epm poster


Want to learn more about me and my School for Equine Massage-Midwest Natural Healing for Animals

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Beverly Brady
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