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Some Testimonials!

Connie Bultemeier
Submitted on 2011/05/01 at 2:12 am

I went through and completed Bev’s 4 day Massage Therapy & Rehab class, and let me tell you….If you are considering her classes, DO IT! !


I highly recommend Bev Brady to anyone who has a horse with EPM. My horse Monty was diagnosed at Hagyard Davidson and Magee in Lexington, KY in the beginning of May 2008.  The vets did an evaluation of him, blood work and an X-ray of his neck to be sure the symptoms were not a pinched nerve. He showed right hind weakness and personality changes. he was put on Marquis and Vitamin E for a month. Because the Marquis kills the parasites, he got much worse and could barely stand without leaning aginst a wall. The vets all told me to just not look at him for 3-6 months! This didn’t make sense to me, I was afraid he would permanently adjust to being crooked and unbalanced. Luckily, I met Bev who does Equine Massage and Dr. Haverkos who is an Equine Chiropractor. Both had worked with EPM horses and agree to help me.
At the end of May, Bev came regularly to massage Monty and to stimulate him to feel his back right leg again-the disease had him paralyzed. She also gave me regular therapy to do with him…which helped quickly and easily!
In Mid July  I was able to mount him safely and now I can encourage him to use his right leg under saddle! I never thought we would ever get this far this fast! Thanks again Bev!
Carol-Burlington KY
Below is a clip from an e-mail sent to me from one of the students in the September 26th Class-Just 1 week after class was over!
I wish you could see the smile on my face right now…so happy that there is hope for my Annie girl!  I’ve spent 4 years feeling like my hands were tied and there was no hope for her.  I felt like eventually I was going to have to make the decision to put her out of her pain & misery and put her down.  I am so grateful to have met you and learned from you that there is hope for these “hopeless” cases!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Beverly, words alone cannot express how lucky I feel right now!  I’m giving you all the credit here.Chris-Omaha, NE
(Chris’ horse is in the pic on the Rehab page! She can now ride this horse!)
This client is fed up with the whole thing at the moment. Lots of knots, and various professionals over 4 years(except the farrier that sent her my way recently), especially over the past 10 months, have told my client they have no clue

In just one session.  Gonna take a few more certainly, but in one session, among other things, this horse went from literally being curved about 30% out to the right from nose to tail to almost dead on straight again. The owner had never noticed that part and was hugely grateful I showed her that (among other things). Horse started tightening up about 5 days later, but she made huge improvement, alot of change for her to absorb and toxins to shed off.
when I took a pic last night, or started to, I noticed horse was almost straight! Horse was much less knotted this session and she did not offer to kick me as quickly as at first session. I had teeth AND cowkicks at the first session, this time just a couple slight attempts.
Last night was wonderful.  I worked on two horses.  One horse was a 22 year old kids barrel horse.  I could tell just by looking at his neck that he was out in several places.  I did his massage.. (which he LOVED) and then did stretching on his neck.  You heard “pop  pop  pop”  and the lumps disappeared.  The owner was thrilled.
The other horse didn’t have much soreness, but loved the massage.  then I evaluated a new horse in the barn.  He was showing front left leg lameness, but had no heat and swelling,e tc.  so I suggested looking at the opposite hip.  Oh my goodness!!  Extreme soreness in that hip and butt muscle and haunches…  poor boy.  So she is getting him vetted this week, then we’ll begin massage.It was great!  Going tonight to work on two race horses… busy busy busy!!
Billie (March 2010 class)
Good Morning Teacher, IT’S AN ADDICTION……I want to massage every horse I see, or at least run my hands over them. This week I have worked on 2 very different horses. 1 a first level dressage horse and a part haflinger pony.
The dressage horse was sore from one end to the other. Neck, shoulders, back……….and so on. Worked on him for quite awhile on Monday and ran home to get Lances magnetic blanket for him to use. Going back to do a maintenance massage tonight. Owner reported on Tuesday that the horse rode better and freer than ever before.
Colleen (March 2010 Class)Well I pasted the owners response below: 


****** is doing WONDERFUL!!!  Emily rode him on Monday and yesterday and she said he wasn’t stiff at all. In fact her ride last night was better than onMonday.  I would like for you to come back in the early part of May to looat him.  We are planning on going to a show at the end of May and I would like him to be ready.

27 year old arab mare tonight with a pre-exisiting shoulder injury. This injury has had this mare short striding for 3 months. I was able to free up her shoulder about 75-80%. Going back to massage her again on friday. Owner was so happy she called her friend who called and booked an appointment for her …horse also on friday. I love making our athletes feel better

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