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Personal Client Information and Clinics


I do take on personal clients in between the classes that I teach. Please call me for availability and to schedule your horses Massage and Body Balancing Session



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(usually 1/2 hr to 45min to evaluate and make sure you’re doing it correctly)

Under Saddle Therapy 1/2hr with Internet coaching $25

My massage sessions usually last about 1 hr, I will do an initial evaluation of the horse and give you my assessment of him/her and what possibly caused the problem and how we will go about to fix it. I use Massage and Trigger Point release together to get the best results for your horse, in the shortest amount of time.  I can usually get results in about 7-10 days depending on what is wrong.
Scheduling fee $25 -will be part of the price of the Massage Session-24hr Cancellation Notice Required or Fee is Not Refunded-payable thru Paypal only.

Or Buy 3 Massages Pre Pay for $175 (save $20! only good within 30mi or have multiple* clients at same barn and must be used within 2 weeks)*

Monthly package -1 massage week $225 (Save $35!) with Rehab Groundwork $300 (trip charges addt’l)


ESSENTIAL OILS-$25 -45 depending on what is needed

If you are within 30mi of me-more distance requires multiple horses and /or a farm call for mileage

  • *30-50 mi  2 horses or $15 farm call
  • * 50-75mi 2 horses or $20 farm call
  • *75-90 mi 3 horses or $30 farm call
  • *90+ 4 horses ( I won’t travel this distance without multiple horses)

Horse is to be clean and ready for massage

  • Evaluation is free with a massage, if no massage is required, $10 for evaluation plus mileage.
  • Payment is in cash or prepaid to me on paypal
  • *Discounts for ‘contact person’ at facility
  • Handler or owner must be there for first massage
  • Handler or owner must walk horse after massage approx 5min
  • I will do a FREE Saddle Placement/Fit if I feel the saddle is the problem.
  • Ground Work Balancing Strategies™ AT YOUR FACILITY $25 HALF HOUR
  • Under Saddle Balancing™ $25 HALF HOUR (must be used with Massage)
  • 25yrs experience with horses* 10yrs Dressage training* 12yrs as a CESMT



EYEBALLING CLINIC $30 (10minimum students)

Learn how to find pain and soreness in your horse, thru sight and feel! Great skill for those looking for horses and trainers!


Essential Oils Clinic or training

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