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Rehab Center Information and Prices/Personal sessions/clinics


Rehab Strategies and Body Balancing for EPM, cold and sway back horses, arthritis, chronic bucking, etc. Most of these problems (except for EPM/arthritis) are a direct result of pain, incorrect riding and saddle placement, so most are easy to Rebuild and ReBalance them. I’ve spent the last 10yrs perfecting the Rehab Strategies, and teaching them to my students-and PROUD to be THE ONLY SCHOOL THAT OFFERS THEM.



My Facility-$750

(this includes 8 massages/board/daily groundwork)

My Complete Body Balances come with a guarantee, if there is not noticeable improvement in 1mo, you only pay $250 for full care board. I realize I cannot fix everything, but I have helped alot of horses recover from many injuries. 

UNDER SADDLE BALANCING™ $50hr (private lesson/plus gas-includes 1 massage a month!)
Getting your horse balanced front to back, building muscle and coordination
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SOME TESTIMONIALS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hi Everyone, I wanted to share Beverly Brady’s information and professional accomplishments in the world of Equine Message. She is phenomenal!!! Have I had the pleasure of personally using her…NO…at least not yet, because we of the distance between where we live, but I have had the pleasure of using her very successful advice over the phone!!! I can only imagine what could happen for my horses IF I learned what I am doing! For those that can’t travel to her classes, she has an incredible DVD that she provides for a minimal cost. Bev has years of experience and has mentored under some of the best Vets of Equine Chiropractics in the country! Her classes are outlined on her website and on her Facebook page. Check her out, sign up for a class, you will not be sorry and you will learn soooo much!
I have to tell you how happy I am with this page, and all the wonderful things you can learn here about horses. This is my testimony: Six months ago I bought a horse that was stiff on his off side and he seemed to drag his right hind leg walking. His muscles were less developed on the off side. I had some physio done on him with ground work over poles and ground work. That’s when I found this page. What I learned here has helped me and my new equine friend so much. Now 6 months later, Loxi is a different horse. Better to ride, more responsive on the leg, and he moves and looks so much better. I’m ready to start showing him soon and I am looking forward to promoting Amassage therapy to my fellow riders in showing circles. Thanks for a great page and group (Amassage Group on FB) Beverly. Thanks to this my horse literally turned from an ugly duckling to a swan.


I have to say the excercises you gave me for Loxias are really working. He’s stride is barely uneven anymore, and that after a hoof trim on Friday. Normally he’s stiffer after a trim than other times.


Nuchal ligament release = horse who doesn’t even look like the same horse when he moves these days. His topline is back to where it used to be and he’s moving like this all by himself because it feels good to move correctly, with no tight spots getting in his way!

These positive changes started happening within a couple weeks after I discussed him with Bev and followed her instructions.

Bev’s technique to release the nuchal ligament helped bigtime with Sugar Bear!

Left: March 6, 2012. Right: Jan 28, 2013

sarahs sugar bear before and after

Splenius muscle bulge (the first bump). Used to be a lot bigger than it is now… I got it loosened up last year, and Beverly‘s techniques took it down even more in like 15 mins.



Coaching my client just over the internet with emails, as you can see in just 5 months, a horse that wasn’t rideable for 7 YEARS is now rideable!


Hi Bev,
I just came across your site on FB. I have a horse who was dx with EPM when she was 3, and she’s now almost 10. I just wondered what kind of outcome I could expect at this point using your massage technique. I’ve been told by the vets that she isn’t stable enough to ride, although I do get on and do a bit of w/t work for short periods. When she gallops you can really see her disability as she x-canters often.
I’ve been giving her Dr. Xie’s herbs for EPM in the winter for a few years now. Not sure if they help her or not. She’s very sensitive to the touch…hates being brushed.
Anyway just wondered how much your dvd costs? Might be worth a try, although with the vet’s poor prognosis I’m almost ready to give up and find myself another horse that I can ride.
I had the m.t. out again yesterday for a follow-up treatment. He thought Meadow looked really good…better than when he last saw her over a month ago. He thought everything looked quite symmetrical, no major soreness anywhere. The only thing she had trouble with was when he stretched her rt hind leg out to the side. She isn’t as flexible as on the left.
So I’ll keep on with her exercises a few times a week
HI Bev,
Just another update. The farrier was out yesterday and Meadow looked the best she’s ever been. Stood squarely, not wobbly, and hardly used the wall at all for balance. So things are looking positive for this little mare!




(usually 1/2 hr to 45min to evaluate and make sure you’re doing it correctly)

Under Saddle Therapy 1/2hr with Internet coaching $25

My massage sessions usually last about 1 hr, I will do an initial evaluation of the horse and give you my assessment of him/her and what possibly caused the problem and how we will go about to fix it. I use Massage and Trigger Point release together to get the best results for your horse, in the shortest amount of time.  I can usually get results in about 7-10 days depending on what is wrong.


ESSENTIAL OILS-$25 -45 depending on what is needed


Scheduling fee $25 -will be part of the price of the Massage Session-24hr Cancellation Notice Required or Fee is Not Refunded-payable thru Paypal only.

Or Buy 3 Massages Pre Pay for $175 (save $20! only good within 30mi or have multiple* clients at same barn and must be used within 2 weeks)*

Monthly package -1 massage week $225 (Save $35!) with Rehab Groundwork $300

If you are within 30mi of me-more distance requires multiple horses and /or a farm call for mileage

  • *30-50 mi  2 horses or $15 farm call
  • * 50-75mi 2 horses or $20 farm call
  • *75-90 mi 3 horses or $30 farm call
  • *90+ 4 horses ( I won’t travel this distance without multiple horses)

Horse is to be clean and ready for massage

  • Evaluation is free with a massage, if no massage is required, $10 for evaluation plus mileage.
  • Payment is in cash or prepaid to me on paypal
  • *Discounts for ‘contact person’ at facility
  • Handler or owner must be there for first massage
  • Handler or owner must walk horse after massage approx 5min
  • I will do a FREE Saddle Placement/Fit if I feel the saddle is the problem.
  • Ground Work Balancing Strategies™ AT YOUR FACILITY $25 HALF HOUR
  • Under Saddle Balancing™ $25 HALF HOUR (must be used with Massage)
  • 25yrs experience with horses* 10yrs Dressage training* 12yrs as a CESMT




Learn how to find pain and soreness in your horse, thru sight and feel! Great skill for those looking for horses and trainers!


1 Day Clinics for $150
Your Facility or Mine! Must have 3-6 participants to come to you-must be within 2hr drive of Milan, In
Basic Massage for your Horse/Evaluating a Horse/Eyeballing or… Basic Horsemanship (leading/hoof care/grooming), Saddle placement and Basic Riding-for those new to horses!
These can be scheduled anyday -but I will be scheduling for every Saturday starting the 2nd weekend for Basic Horsemanship and Sunday for Basic Massage-you can take both at the same time if you wish! Having trouble Under Saddle? I can help! Most problems are caused by riders or saddle placement-just a few adjustments can have your horse riding like a dream! Lessons $45 plus mile
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