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Kissing Spine

kissing spine vertebraKissing spine can be caused by many things-accident, injury, saddle fit, poor riding.

Affected horses show signs of poor performance, reluctance to jump, unpredictable behaviour when being ridden and sometimes extreme stiffness.

Other symptoms or signs of equine kissing spines are irritability when the girth is tightened or when the horse’s back is brushed during grooming, rearing, bucking or bolting.

A horse experiencing back pain may hold his tail to one side, show unsymmetrical hind limb action or hold his head too high. Some horses stand with their back legs on a higher surface or sit on a window ledge in an attempt to relieve their pain.
DIAGNOSIS will always involve x-rays to verify this problem.

It is extremely painful for the horse, and can be reason for bucking.

Can it be fixed? I believe so, with massage, myofascial release, chiro and groundwork to help strengthen the area.

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