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ECRM Eli’s Cribbing Release Method

Eli has come here and shared this information with me, and it makes sense! I have put together and easy, step by step process with Eli’s guidance to teach you exactly what you will need to do to help horses to stop cribbing! Most horses will need more than 1 treatment, the same as Massage-depends on how sore the horse is will depend on how many treatments are done.  The sooner you start…the sooner you can come to Level 3!

I’m honored that he chose me and my School to be the ones to offer this education and service to the top students that come thru my course. This will be offered in level 3, to my best students. 

I will be offering this service in my area-SE IN, NO KY, SW Ohio starting late June.  Along with my other services as well.

To learn this method-see my School website

Learning how the mouth affects the horse is an amazing process, realizing that the Biomechanics of the horse start there is something everyone with a horse should know. Know what to look for in the mouth and the body.

horse cribbing

  1. Connie West permalink

    My cribbing horse is located north of Xenia. Do you travel there?

  2. Brenda Jones permalink

    Is the weaving a a part of the Cribbing also I have one in Camden so that could be two horses , how much is it

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